The NUT LOUNGE – Time to go nuts


At times its good to be nuts  while its always good to go for nuts in your healthy diet to load your food with essential nutrients. And if you are one of the few people who constantly struggles to get the best of nuts and dry fruits, then this store for sure is a one stop shop for all your needs for dry fruits , raisins , seeds and more.

Recently opened at Indirapuram Habitat centre , “The Nut Lounge” – this place is a must  visit for everyone  across all age groups if Nuts , Raisins & Dry fruit are a part of your food.from a dotting mother , to a health conscious person to a person who is working out or on diet this needs to be visited at least once by everyone especially if you put up in Ghaziabad ( Indirapuram precisely ) or you…

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Benefits of Radish & a radish recipe

Checkout what all our aka mooli is loaded with



Radish commonly caller Mooli is not loved by many and is a veggie that has got more jokes on its consumption than the commonly known benefits.

So why should we include this wonder veggie in our list , here’s few points to consider.

High source of Vitamin C Radish can contribute 25% of your daily requirements with 100gm consumption helps rebuild tissues , blood vessels and also keeps your teeth and bones healthy.

Aids digestion: Radish is high on fiber as they contain indigestible carbohydrates,this keeps your system flushed and functioning with regularity. and these properties also makes it an ideal veggie to relieve congestion.

Cures cold and cough: with its anti-congestive properties Radish helps in clearing the mucus formed in your throat, thus it’s important to include in your diet to improves your immunity.

Prevents Cancer :Since radish is rich in phytochemicals and anthocynins serving as anti-carcinogenic properties. Additionally…

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Twenty long years yeah for these many years I have been working with Mr. Ahuja.Its been five years here in this apparel showroom,its one of its kinds in the town, a palatial metal carapaced three storeyed showroom connected by a boulevard which leads to the highway, it has seen all the fashionistas and the big cheeses of the town.Mr. Ahuja is a snobbish supercillious old man but an easy nut to crack with little blandishments ,who has redounded to the shop’s refulgent success incessantly.The voids of the shop were opened up with a floating staircase connecting the floors.The baroque armchairs for the customers  and ancillaries were upholstered in ethereal white velvet,hangers inspired by minimalist sculpture by sol lewitt and white diffuse milieu almost optical,conceptualized the profound architecture.I stood behind Mr. Ahuja caressing the gown which has been on display since the shop’s inaugration.”Sir, you wont sell it ever?I have seen you working on this dress to  meet the latest trends but …I fail to understand why the work if..that is priceless for you”again I stood there asking the  same question I had asked Mr. Ahuja often in these last four years.”Das if  emotions could be bought.. this would have had a buyer.Its not for sale”,he said caressing the gown clad mannequin.I dissimulated my amusement over the thought what if he is suffering from agalmatophilia,for the best mannequin clad that dress.He did a slow burn as if he had read my mind.I moved to snouty and  conceited Kiara ,the daughter of a buisness tycoon who owned numerous conglomerates pan asia.”Good morning mam,you look beautiful in this pink ruffled dress.Have you lost some weight (of which I was sure she hasn’t even an ounce)..ohh how do you manage to look so elegant with this ease?” I said with atticism for blandishment worked for Kiara as good as it did for Ahuja.”Today I am here to pick  that wedding gown on which I had my eyes for long  and I know every bride’s dress will be dead as a dodo infront of mine.You ask and they will pay”,She said as if I were a minion pointing to her minder,”Pay them”.For next fifty five minutes half of our staff including Ahuja ji tried convincing her but all damp squib and she pranced through the door seething.Everyone went back to their daily grind,before I  spotted  Ahuja looking at a never seen before  young lady checking out the  gown as if she was searching for something ..after about  ten minutes of her study I on Ahuja’s order requested  the janitor clad in band-gala with the epaulette shining like gold to enquire…”How may I help you, mam”… “Beautiful dress …was just searching for..It must be costly”,she fidgeted while speaking.”Costly enough to burn a hole in your pocket or burn it completely for you”.”Amar singh! Let the young lady come in”.The lady walked inside shying away as the Janitor gave way for her, astonished by seeing  a not so Ahuja .Ahuja had never talked to singh  before in these five years I remember now. “I wish to buy ..uumh I have my wedding coming…I ll take a stroll and look for a gown that fits my budget.””Very nice mam, If you could just tell your budget we will  be able to help you better and will ensure you get a dress of your choice”,I popped in.She saw a young girl asking her father ,”Dad this is on sale just for 2500  after whooping 70% discount”.She thought not that costly I can afford a dress from here if not the one on display anon her myth was broken when the little girl handed the belt to her father.”No ..thanks..but I ll just help myself”.After a short five minute exploration and checking the price tag of the other gown on display with doleful face she said”I think I will come with my mother, its better to have second opinion …very nice collection”.”Young lady you like that gown?” asked Mr. Ahuja from behind.”Yeah! The best one …and that does not have a price tag but if the one near it is for 3lac …”.”Well you will walk through the aisle in that gown”.I frowned did he just say that …all this time he has returned hundreds of  cadging customer including Miss Kiara  a few hours back saying- in a pig’s arse! I saw the girl trying the dress,getting it packed for a song! I couldn’t help but excoriate sang-froid and content looking a never before Mr. Ahuja,”Have you given your emotions for free?”The lady has the emotions to wear it just like the emotions the designer-I had. No matter how many dresses she buys this will have her heart not just because it will be her wedding dress.Yeah emotions can’t be bought but things can be paid for in emotions.I got my fill”.”But you gave it for…free???” To which he replied in jest ,”Because that dress was not for Sale”.



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When these cat-eyed spectacles have become all the rage in the town,I was surprised to see this lady at the reception wearing the quirky Janis Joplin style glasses and cut a dash.”Over there,mam” she pointed to the recliner seat with her manicured finger sporting a bright color nail-paint.Though I rarely make it to parlors except for threading ,waxing and sometimes for those weddings today I made up for all my short visits in the past..I looked at the receptionist for one last time,this time with a smile on my face unlike for the series of stare I had given her in last six hours.”Any discount …I get time I come..I shall..” ,I looked at the lady  standing beside me staring at me with disgust and so I left my sentence halfway and continued to foot the bill.I have a date today hence all the self-pampering, a blind date with this guy who happens to be my Facebook friend,a religious follower on twitter and probably from today he will be a part of my insta too.I rushed to my place,washed my face,picked an LBD,my roomie says its safest bet to go for an LBD. I left my luscious after spa hair open brushing my highlighted cheekbones.I am a pro at make-up so I do it myself all the time.I smiled back at the mirror in admiration.”Good to go!”I assured myself giving the last look to my stilettos . Diana,my roomie,had an exam today still she arranged a cab for me like always.In fifteen minutes I was standing in the foyer of this colossal five-star hotel staring at the berg ere style chairs reminding me of the rococo, the architect must be a french I thought.Suddenly I saw the hotel manager walk up to me saying,”Miss Carol?” I nodded.Next I was being escorted to a secluded reserved section.A handsome man in a grey suit stood apart from black suited three men,he had me spellbound till the three men genuflected and sat at a distance.The grey suit Greek god stretched his hand to help me sit and suddenly I felt so bourgeois type as I already had myself sitting in those Berg ere .To evade the embarrassment I quickly asked him,”Shall we  place the order?” He nodded,”yeah please”. God he is handsome,he has these men …he is extremely rich…he has deep eyes, nose is a bit long ..a parrot-like nose but I wouldn’t mind that plus my granny said its lucky.We were compatible our night long talks were a proof.I felt the time flying he just listened to me with few nods to confirm he is listening.I told  him about my fascination and excitement for this blind date.We talked for four long hours,he  paid the bill and stood up ,the three men came to him to pull the chair and one helped me.He asked me if he should ask his driver to drop me to which I denied politely.I sat in the foyer looking outside the big glass when the Adonis like manager came and asked me slyly,”Mam, Excuse me for asking this.Was sir your date?”I replied, “Yeah!…blind one”I winked at him inadvertently regretting my brazen demeanor.He looked at me as a teacher about to rebuke a naughty student soon he subdued his expressions saying ,”Sir has dated three equally beautiful women before you in last 2 years.But I bet you too must have taken some time to realize that he is blind.He..”.”Blind?!Are you kidding me? I didn’t care about my words sophistication went for a vacation for a moment.”So you too got beguiled well he never tries to beguile, its his ease which leaves everyone clueless.He is familiar with the hotel but if you see him outside..even…these blind men can see more than we see with our eyes.. I skipped his sentences ,for  the past few hours I was sitting with a blind man and he looked back into my eyes all the while with those deep eyes,had his food like an epicurean,complimented me ,”You are more beautiful than what people see, ask me.”I ll hear you for that’s all I wish to do”.”I will make sure this blind date of yours becomes a lifetime memory”.Damn it!all his sentences left a hint.Diana calling …read my phone’s screen.”Hello,how’s he….handsome?”she sounded chirpy.I replied,”I don’t know!” “Why ??have  you turned blind?”To which I had no answer.I was his blind date or he was mine!!I stood perplexed.I said,”yeah I am blind.I was his blind date.”



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Like also i woke up to my aunt shouting over my head as again my alarm had failed to wake me up.I saw my bed sheet shying away from me as it had limited itself to the edge of my bed.”The breakfast is ready if  you can take pains of moving your ass to the dinning table downstairs or Shall I serve you here ,you must be tired for you have had only 12 hrs sleep”.
My aunt’s words fell on my  ear like water spilling down the duck’s back.I lifted my upper body over the ottoman kept next to my bed and stretched it over to the drawer, pulled it to search for my pearl bracelet …my hands trembled and eyes widened in attention,hell! It was missing.I ran out of my bed with the quilt twisted around my leg as if begging me to calm down.You threw my jinxed bracelet?”bracelet”! I corrected myself.How could you! that’s the only thing I have from my mother!My aunt did not like that bracelet and all her attempts to dump it had so far gone in vain.She considered it jinxed and a reason behind her first baby’s still birth.My mother gifted her the bracelet when she conceived and after which she returned it to my father saying- its evil ,and the same day while returning home my father died in a car accident, the only thing which was unscathed was this bracelet- which was one of the many things my deceased mother passed on to me.Since then my aunt and I cross swords over this bracelet on a routine basis.She has looked after me after my parents demise not certainly  to the best of her capabilities but yes I have someone ,probably ,just to remind me I am as jinxed as the bracelet is in case I forget .Anon I saw my aunt’s early morning pancake face turning red ,I don’t know if it was her extra blush-on over the cheeks or was it her fuming over my accusations.She shouted ,”I wish to live and witness you dying with that jinxed bracelet of yours.I ll borrow it from you if I wish to die earlier than destined”.Suddenly I heard her gasping in fear ,”oh god Riya !”.She went to your room she asked me to tell you she has taken something you wouldn’t have given her otherwise if she had asked you. I have your grave dug .God forbid if something happens to my daughter”.With this she has already called Riya whose phone was switched off.Riya had her college farewell today ,she drove to her friend’s before I woke up and was going to stay at her friend’s for the night . Aunty was trying her number constantly yacking out something about the bracelet while I preferred to enjoy the breakfast.My moment of relish was broken by the land line’s ring.My aunt went and picked up the phone and I saw her face turning pale and she said ,”yes that is..yeah red …..yeah that’s her college”.She hung up and before I could ask I got three blows on my face one after the other..”You and that jinxed bracelet killed my daughter”, she looked devastated as she ran to the garage , I followed her like a child follows its mother.She shut the car’s door on my face,I managed to get in somehow she went on cussing me all the way till we reached the place..the barricade tape was restricting the people from the pool of blood ..the car was smashed completely ..the broken glass all over hinted of the worst.My aunt was wailing when the cop asked her to follow him to identify the body.Suddenly a girl crying aloud came from the crowd and hugged her from behind. She resembled Riya from behind and the bracelet confirmed my doubts of her being Riya . Before my aunty turned back she pulled the bracelet from Riya’s wrist and threw it on the ground.Before Riya could utter a word my aunty shrieked, “I won’t let this ugly bracelet jinx my life again or anyone jinxed come near my daughter”. I saw the bracelet everywhere on the ground the charms spread all over …I stood there in tears and could hear Riya explaining how she escaped the accident just because she left the bracelet at the cafe and while she went inside to pick the jinxed bracelet some drunken truck-driver hit the car from front killing her friend and smashing the car..the voice fainted as she continued and the crowd was hardly visible to my already welled eyes.I picked the charm which was kissing my feet and whispered to myself,”The jinx is broken and so is the bracelet”.



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The overhead sun seemed to have lost its way and all set to have a show down but the firmament still looked azure and  neither was  the temperature  showing a drop . She had spent three hours for shopping those tuffet ,hassocks  and a couple of cushions for her new settee. She convinced herself for blue cushion cover with chevron print which would not have matched as good as the one in chartreuse color but blue was his favorite color and just that thought had her eyes glistened. She realized for all these years she had been living his choices as hers not knowing in which part of the world he was. All she wished was to meet him once and tell him how much she loved him. Now she regrets why she did not pop the question back in school for she was always sure about getting betrothed to him; had he not left the school leaving no whereabouts of his she would have actually fought herself and done it. Suddenly the rickshaw wallah screamed ,”Madam, Mall road?” And before she could answer he quickly turned his face to the other side and with shaking hands covered his face with his striped  muffler. She found it strange but, ignoring, she sat on the rickshaw saying, “yeah!mall road, twenty rupees not a rupee more”. She pulled out the phone from her tote and started finding him on Facebook, it had become a routine affair by now. Daily she searched for those five letters but all in dismal. She suddenly realized she has to buy GluconD for she couldn’t have battled the scorching sun without it. She asked the rickshaw wallah to stop and as she stopped she realized the  eyes of the rickshaw wallah had an uncanny resemblance to his eyes..she got numb for a second as she could hear the line -“Madam, Mall road” repeating  …the voice was familiar but  more husky than his. She reassured herself that he can not be here pulling a rickshaw, he was the brightest of all her classmates. She always knew he will go great guns. She laughed at herself how she could even home this thought . After a minute she found herself asking, “Are u a pass out from St.Mary ,2007 batch? “. How could she not resist but ask she scolded herself within. Was she even ready to hear the answer? What if he says yes? What if her fears come true. She realized he hasn’t answered her question. She repeated the question unaware of her sitting back in the rickshaw without buying the Glucon D. The sun had already set but she was sweating like a pig. He rode faster than before and she probably, by now, knew the answer. She finally found this guy who she had searched for,for years …after he  dropped out from school. She wished to give him some extra money as help, but she wasn’t sure if that will help or make him feel even more ashamed than he obviously was. She regretted saying twenty rupees not a rupee more, by now. Once she could have done anything to sit and  talk to this guy .And today she knew she would feel not be pleased to invite him inside. She wanted to know why had he dropped out ,why had he chosen to be a rickshaw puller? She fought the curious Parker in her, gave the man a twenty rupee note and said thank you. She stood there in the middle of the street not alone but with many questions. She saw him turning back before disappearing in the crowd.When she was brought back to life by Sharma aunty’s shrill voice piercing her ears ,” Who was he?”  She answered -“NO ONE!!….A RICKSHAW WALLAH WHO ELSE!!” she asked herself why was he ashamed …why did he hide his identity ?…every job is respectable at-least he is not begging…but she herself wasn’t convinced by her reasoning because she let the social norms decide the fate of her love. She has always been pragmatic only thing is for the rest of her life she can’t avoid asking herself if her love was a Judas kiss.